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Tony Tasset

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The Chicago-based multimedia artist and sculptor Tony Tasset (born 1960) once said, “I’m not going for originality, I’m striving for the quintessential.” Tasset indeed wears his diverse influences on his sleeve, drawing from high modernism, folk, vernacular and performance art. Through these various lenses, he interrogates and satirizes institutions—galleries, museums and public art—and his own position within them. This egalitarian ethic has generated a number of much-beloved public sculptures and large-scale installations, such as Judy's Hand Pavilion (2018) in his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.

This hardcover volume contains 200 reproductions chosen by the artist and extensive essays by curator Michelle Grabner and art writer Andrew Russeth. Tasset also invited fellow artists he admires to write on one of his works, enlisting Jeanne Dunning, Pamela Fraser, Judy Ledgerwood, José Lerma, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Cauleen Smith, Phillip Vanderhyden and John Waters.
Front cover of Tony Tasset
Tony Tasset Sale price$58.00 Member Price