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Using found objects along with analog and digital cast-offs, Nam June Paik created an exclusive artist edition for the Whitney in 2000. Topped with a fuzzy blue antenna, the object features hand written notes, confetti, and wire scraps peeking through a translucent resin body, displaying what is now a vintage LCD clock.


Explore how instructions, rules and algorithms have inspired artists for over 50 years by picking up one of our recommended titles.


In the 1980s, Sol Lewitt designed this set of traditional Majolica dishes for his family. Each platter, bowl, and plate is created using a custom set of instructions to hand paint one of his iconic designs—no two pieces are the same.


Featuring extensive new scholarship, the catalogue for Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again, examines the depth of Warhol’s work in its entirety. Whitney curator Donna De Salvo explores how his work engages with notions of public and private, the redefinition of media, and the role of abstraction, while a series of incisive and eye-opening essays by eminent scholars and contemporary artists touch on a broad range of topics, such as Warhol’s response to the AIDS epidemic, his international influence, and how his work relates to constructs of self-image seen in social media today.


The newest book in the Whitney’s best-selling collaboration with Phaidon presents the concepts of layering and collage to little emerging artists! Turn the pages to reveal new colors, leaves, and more surprises.

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