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The catalogue for Vida Americana standing upright with a slight profile


Discover the great Mexican muralists who introduced a new relationship between art and the public, inspiring generations of American artists in the process. This extensively illustrated catalogue accompanies Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art, 1925–1945, on view through May 17, 2020

Two folded black sweaters with hand embroidered designs


Artist Christine Sun Kim—whose work was in the 2019 Biennial and is part of the Whitney’s permanent collection—explores her various identities as a Korean-American, an American living abroad, a mother, and as an artist who is Deaf in her work. A collaboration with Lingua Franca resulted in a line of four unique sweaters, which are reflective of Kim’s artwork and experiences. Discover the story of each sweatshirt and the meaning behind every stitch.

A colorful hand woven basket


Discover beautifully crafted objects through our exclusive pop-up experience with Goodee: passionate advocates of multi-generational traditions. Handmade rugs, pillows, throws, and baskets reflect the stories of individual makers deeply-rooted in cultural traditions.

Three notebooks side by side with covers in a mid-twentieth century style


Made exclusively for the Whitney Shop, these notebooks were inspired by Edward Hopper’s ledgers that are part of the Whitney’s collection. Get creative as you write, sketch, doodle or simply keep artful lists.

A photograph of a Atmos magazine cover of a person covered with a blue sheet


Whether you’re looking for the latest in culture or fashion, this carefully curated assortment of magazines and hard-to-find glossies will make a perfect addition to your nightstand, or tote bag. Stop by the Museum to find more on the book wall.

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