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LINE LIGHT Porcelain Candle

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LINE LIGHT is a candle that is an ode to individual identity, curiosity and ambition as well as an invitation by the artist Shantell Martin to co-create an artwork that will glow each time the candle is lit.

LINE LIGHT is a celebration of the space we create in the world for ourselves away from the barriers to an imaginative, fulfilling, and healthy future. By giving her canvas—in this case a solid white porcelain candle—to you, the artist Shantell Martin encourages you to do that which comes so easily to a child but so often becomes more difficult as we mature: to simply pick up the enclosed black marker and draw.

Nomad Noé creates keepsake candles, hand poured into porcelain vessels, whose caps double as pedestals.

The scent, designed by Shantell Martin with a master perfumer, is both grounding and inspiring and encourages the energy of sight and of being seen.

Top Notes: Orange, Lemon / Mid Notes: Gardenia, Oud / Base Notes: Tobacco, Musk, Neroli
100% vegan, 3.63" tall LINE LIGHT Porcelain candle by Shantell Martin with marker
LINE LIGHT Porcelain Candle Sale price$45.00 Member Price