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Color Therapy Glasses

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Color your world with Color Therapy glasses! Color Therapy, or the use of colored light in healing the body is a concept that is over 1,000 years old. The idea is that our bodies ‘feed’ on certain colors of light within the visible spectrum of natural light, and that each of these Colors represents a certain function within the body.

Red- Feelings of vitality, power, self-confidence, and safety.
Orange- Feelings of sociability, happiness, increased social confidence, and joy.
Yellow- Feelings of cheerfulness, mental clarity, confidence, and creativity.
Green- Feelings of peace, love, harmony, and relaxation.
Aqua- Feelings of purity, relaxation, and calmness.
Blue- Feelings of improved communication and confidence in speaking.
Indigo- Feelings of serenity, stillness, internal peace, and heightened creativity.
Violet- Feelings of creativity, inspiration, selflessness, and generosity.
Magenta- Feelings of emotional balance and internal relaxation.
Rose- Feelings of relaxation, reduced aggression, and appetite suppression.
Selection of molded plastic color therapy glasses in red, indigo, aqua, orange, magenta, green, yellow, and pink
Color Therapy Glasses Sale price$24.00 Member Price