Woodless Watercolor Pencils Set/24

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Woodless Watercolor Pencils Set/24
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100% Woodless-made. Solid 7.2mm soft core high-density color lead lacquer
New York based KINGART has been designing and creating art supplies for more than half a century. Dive right into this handpicked assortment of materials and see what you can make today!

You"ll be amazed and delighted by what you can do with this set of 24 quality woodless watercolor pencils. Sketch and draw as you would with regular colored pencils, then dip your brush in water and start turning your drawing into a watercolor painting. Colors flow and blend at your touch, as you create an endless array of colors and textures, adding bold strokes and fine lines as you go.

Designed by artists, each woodless watercolor pencil is manufactured to exacting standards, so you’re assured of quality and consistency.

KINGART PRO Woodless Watercolor Pencils are perfect for professionals, aspiring enthusiasts, and beginners looking to tap their inner creative and have fun.

•100% Woodless- Made entirely of a high-density colored graphite, these pencils are environmentally friendly
•With 24 rich & vibrant colors to choose from you'll find exactly what you're looking for your next masterpiece
•Rich pigments blend smoothly, dry and wet
•Water Soluble - Add a bit of water to create vivid and stunning watercolor effects
•More Lead - These pencils have five times more lead than wooden pencils--you can color & paint with the whole pencil
•Constructed from solid 7.2 mm soft core high-density color lead and coated with a special lacquer
•Pre-Sharpened - These pencils come ready to use! And when they're dull, use them in any standard pencil sharpener
•Rich pigments blend smoothly, dry and wet
•Durable cores sharpen to a fine point and resist breaking
•Perfect for water coloring, aquarelle, sketches, drawings, and coloring books
•Great for blending & layering with watercolor techniques
•Non-Toxic Conforms to ASTM D-4236
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100% Woodless-made. Solid 7.2mm soft core high-density color lead lacquer