Watercolor Paper 2-Pack

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Watercolor Paper 2-Pack
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Cold Pressed, Acid Free, Perforated, 5.5" x 8.5"
New York based KINGART has been designing and creating art supplies for more than half a century. Dive right into this handpicked assortment of materials and see what you can make today!

This heavyweight paper is perfect for those who like to work with plenty of water applying multiple washes and scrubbing or blotting up color as you go. Our watercolor paper performs beautifully with all wet medias. The surface withstands scraping, erasing, and repeated washes. These pads contain micro-perforated true size sheets.

Cold-pressed sheets offer the most versatility—smooth enough for fine detail, with enough texture to hold a serious amount of color. The spiral binding makes it easy to try out various techniques and perspectives, without losing track of your efforts.

Perfect for professionals, aspiring enthusiasts and beginners looking to enjoy new levels of creativity.

Two (2) Pads Included (2-PACK)
• Heavyweight paper perfect for water-intensive techniques and scrubbing
• Suitable for most dry media as well, making this pad truly versatile
• Finely textured (cold pressed) sheets for both detailed work and washes
• Easy-to-use notebook format; micro-perforated for easy removal
• Dual-Sided: Each thick, durable sheet of paper comes with a smooth side as well as a textured side, allowing for flexibility
• Versatile: Optimized for both wet & dry media, create with your medium of choice
• Acid Free: This paper won’t let colors fade. It quickly absorbs water, keeping paints looking
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Cold Pressed, Acid Free, Perforated, 5.5" x 8.5"