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PRE-ORDER: Spellbound Sky Ritual Kit
10 piece kit in a 10" x 7" x 6" box.

Manifest what you desire with these perfect starter kits for any ritual workspace or for those starting their first at home altar. Each set is hand-picked by Los Angeles based Spellbound Sky's Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano as part of their expansive pop-up at the Whitney Shop from June 15th- June 25th. Mark and Martin seek to inspire and empower, connecting the community with the wisdom and tools needed to unlock their unlimited potential and turn dreams into a reality.

Each kit includes bundles of white sage, yerba santa, palo santo, a black feather, three crystals, a ritual candle, a selenite tower, and a vial of essential oil potion. Each kit includes a complete write up with descriptions of the objects and an easy to follow walk through of the ritual.

Banishing & Clean Slate aids in banishing unwanted energies entering your vibrational field by creating necessary boundaries to remain clear and unobstructed.
Creativity & Inspiration encourages you to open yourself up to allow innovation to flow through you, letting creation be part of your reality.
Prosperity & Empowerment invites you to manifest the magic within your thoughts. It serves to increase your potential to manifest dreams by setting intentions, focusing energy, and empowering the unstoppable force within.

Inspired by the exhibitions on view, the power of color in contemporary art, and a celebration of our diverse community as part of National Pride Week, the Whitney Shop has invited Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano of Los Angeles-based Spellbound Sky to share their love of crystals and their artful practice that marries contemporary life and ancient ritual with museum patrons during a ten-day residency. Creating an engaging outpost of their Silver Lake store in the open plan lobby shop, Phillips and Anguiano will engage guests to the museum with their selection of color-coded crystals, ritual candles, and essential oil potions and their personal prescriptions for living a colorful life to the fullest over the course of the residency.

Between the Waters is an exhibition that brings together artists from across the United States whose work responds to the precarious state of the environment through a personal lens. Though each artist contends with facts or histories that are real and observable, they adopt highly subjective positions embracing emotion, intuition, spirituality and myth to help understand our intrinsic place within the "natural" world. Where We Are is organized around five themes, including the spiritual and explores how American artists have responded in complex and diverse ways to war and peace, economic collapse and recovery, and social discord and progress. And on June 21st, artist Sibyl Kempson will celebrate the solstice with a performance as part of Sibyl Kempson: 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens.
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10 piece kit in a 10" x 7" x 6" box.