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Lahoma Skontchish Hand Beaded Hat

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A note from Artist Lahoma Skontchish (@skonchis):

11waq lis ?i no ?a sasus iwam lolp. no ?a ? ewsiknii mowatakknii sa'ad. gew pkisap Linda Latches-Jimenez. gew bep Katerra, NaTahna, gew wnok Trulon, Waylon, Riggs, Eagle. Hello, how are you? My name is Lahoma Skontchish. I am Klamath, Modoc and Paiute. My Moms is Linda; my Pops is the late Lynn Schonchin Sr. I am blessed with 2 Daughters and 4 Sons & 6 grandchildren and one on the way. My 3x Great Grandfather was Schonchin John, who fought in the Modoc War and was unjustly hung along with others. I am an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes, grew up in Chiloquin Oregon and have lived on our homelands all my life. Both my Pops and Moms do bead work, I learned so much from the times I have sat and created with them. Not only learning bead techniques, hearing Moms talk about her growing up, who taught her different traditional skills, what she wants to bead next. My Pops would share about growing up, a lot of tribal teachings, our tribal history, including the Modoc War. I started beading when I was 8 years old, my Moms would have me string necklaces and earrings, learning color patterns. I continued on learning different techniques of bead work and developing my own style. Beading is not only a passion of mine, it is healing. I'm truly thankful to our Creator for the gift of beading. My children have learned to bead and that makes my heart happy to see another generation continuing our work. When I start a project, I select a few colors, then add more as i go, some projects I've used up to 22 colors. I use a two needle technique for flat work, as represented on the hats. I draw my middle marks and start beading. Incorporated in a lot of my work are our tribal basket designs as to keep those designs alive. I rarely use patterns, as my creativity flows freely. I see designs in my dreams and I wake up and have to start the project or doodle what I saw so I don't forget (I cannot draw for anything) HaHa! Enjoy and thank you for your time. I would like to give a shout out to my fellow Amazing Artist Sister Natalie Ball for believing in & supporting my art. sepk'eec'a iwamlolb indigenous heArt.

Natalie Ball: bilwi naats Ga’niipci gathers a group of new sculptural assemblages by Natalie Ball (b. 1980). Its title, bilwi naats Ga’niipci, translates to “we smell like the outside”—an adaptation of an expression Ball associates with her childhood and family in both Black and Indigenous spaces. The word “naats,” or “we,” reflects her intersecting identities as a Black, Modoc, and Klamath artist working from her ancestral homelands in Southern Oregon and Northern California.
One of a kind hand beaded baseball hat by Lahoma Skontchish
Lahoma Skontchish Hand Beaded Hat Sale price $780.00Member Price $702.00 Member Price