Paula Sungstrong Legend Recordings LP

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Paula Sungstrong Legend Recordings LP
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Multi-disciplinary Tulsa Artist Fellow, Kalup Linzy, is a person of many talents and skills. From acting and character performance to singing and creating music to visual artistry and beyond, Kalup has an impressive repertoire of various artistries and accomplishments under their belt.

Musically, Kalup has in the past touched on many different styles and genres. From electronic styled audio and visual collaborations with actor James Franco to solo experimental, future music. With Kalup Linzy's character, Paula Sungstrong, though, we see them delving in to the musical regions of blues and jazz with crooning vocals and classic retro sounding riffs and accompaniment. One can't help but be transported to an earlier era through the songs of the Paula Sungstrong Legend Recordings.

"Paula Sungstrong (1923-2012) is one of the latest additions to my fictitious Queen Rose family tree. Her career as an entertainer began in 1937 at the tender age of 14 and spanned five and a half decades before her retirement in 2004. This release marks the first from her estate, which is managed by her granddaughter, curator, and art consultant, Breena Cowill" - Kalup Linzy on Paula Sungstrong Legend Recordings.

Side A:
1. Long Ding Dong Blues
2. J'ai Des Sentiments
3. I Put A Spell On You

Side B:
1. Trouble of the World
2. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
3. I Got Feelings

Recorded at Wild Mt. Studios (Osage Hills, OK)
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