Hopper Notebook Set

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Hopper Notebook Set
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Set of 4 notebooks. Made in Portugal.
This Whitney exclusive notebook set includes four notebooks featuring lined, plain, graph and dot grid paper with colorful elastic bands. Each cover features one of Hopper's most iconic works: Seven A. M., 1948, Early Sunday Morning, 1930, Railroad Sunset, 1929 and Soir Bleu, 1914.

Seven A. M., 1948: Lined. 5.75" x 4.25"

Early Sunday Morning, 1930: Plain. 7.25" x 4.25"

Railroad Sunset, 1929: Graph. 8.75" x 5"

Soir Bleu, 1914: Dot Grid. 10.38" x 5.25"

Each notebook comes in a 100% cloth pouch.
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Set of 4 notebooks. Made in Portugal.