Eraser Set

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Eraser Set
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Set of 7 erasers. Made by CW Pencil Enterprise
As part of the Whitney Shop's art and craft supply collection, CW Pencil Enterprise, based in New York City's Lower East Side, created this exclusive set of erasers that will take care of all your eliminating needs.


an old school, secretarial graphite/ink eraser made in Germany

Tombow Mono
a classic Japanese plastic dust-free eraser for heavy-duty corrections

General's Gum
crumbly and gentle - best for charcoal and delicate paper

Faber-Castell Kneadable
moldable and just right for picking up thin layers of graphite

Hardtmuth Rubber
a traditional, natural rubber with a tiny bit of grit

Seed Color Pencil
specifically made for erasing color pencils, a notoriously difficult task

Papermate Arrowhead
the iconic pink addition
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Set of 7 erasers. Made by CW Pencil Enterprise