Enamel Canister with Wood Lid- Large and Short

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Enamel Canister with Wood Lid- Large and Short
Chosen only for the Whitney shop, Reiss Enamelware has been made in Austria for over 200 years. Whitney Biennial 2017 artist, Ulrike Müller was born in Austria and often works with enamel. This beautiful container is perfect for food storage.

"I make paintings firing vitreous enamel onto steel plates in a kiln. Enameled surfaces are familiar from everyday objects like bathtubs, subway signage, or this ladle, milk jug, egg pan, and storage containers. My enamel paintings mobilize bodies; displayed in a gallery setting they incite touch, which the institution prohibits. For the Whitney shop, I selected a few household items from the Austrian company Reiss that are essentially made with the same materials and processes as my paintings. This is good stuff. Please touch." -Ulrike Müller
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